Alfarvad owns 500 acres of forest.
All wood are for production and gets sold to sawmills around the world.

The start of Alfarvad

The studfarm started in 1981 with two lovely thoroughbred mares Baguette and Minto.

A few years after Alfarvad bought the goldmedel stallion Allegro. After that we bought Golden Wind reserve wing 3 yo stallion and wing stallion as 4 yo. The homemade stallion Arizona Alfarvad from Allegro was wing stallion as 3 yo and reserve wing stallion as 4 yo with silver medel.

Later Alfarvad stopped as stallion station and started working together with Zangersheide. The stallions Grundgold II and Champ Extra was bought to cover our own mares and also for making more jumping horses.

In 1999 we started using foreign stallions as Zandor Z (The father of Zahr) In 2005 we decided to only use foreign stallions and stopped using our own stallions. We only use top stallions for our mares and only use mares there have been in the sport by themself.

Alfarvad today

Today the breeding is still very important at Alfarvad. Our breeding mares are all selected because of the results in the sport. We use our former top horse Quecia Alfarvad Z (Quinar Z/Centauer Z) in breeding and she has already delivered 3 fantastic foals after London, Emerald and Clintissimo. 

We also have mares after Colman, Emerald and Carolus II. Besides we also make embryo transfers on some of the sports horses. We already have a foal from 2017 on our former top horses Diana M Z (Douglas/Concorde) and also a foal from 2020 on Chique PS Z (Crowntano Z/Quidam De Revel) She was 2nd best 6 yo horse in 2021 on Zangersheide ranking list. 

We only use top stallion for the breeding mares. We have used stallion like Air Jordan Z, Dominator Z, Verdi, Tobago Z, Hardrock Z, Catoki. 

Now a days we only breeding jumping horses for the sport. We have around 5-6 foals every year at Alfarvad. To bring in some fresh blood we also buy foals and younger horses on auctions or at private breeders around the world. 

It’s important for us to breed our own horses and sell them direct to the riders.